At Heathmont East Primary School, we believe the study of English Language consists of our students being offered the ability to speak, listen, read and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment in a range of contexts. This leads to effective, functional and appropriate communication amongst our students.

The programs are developed and implemented at our school following DET initiatives and priorities as well as outlines from the School Strategic Plan.

We believe the resources, materials and activities provided in English at Heathmont East Primary School are realistic, meaningful, stimulating and challenging and that they support and maximise student learning.

A consistent approach is taken at our school to plan, implement and assess student learning.

At Heathmont East Primary School, we have incorporated the 6+1 Writing Traits framework. The 6+1 Writing Traits have been refined over the past 50 years by numerous universities, governments and researchers such as Paul Diederich, Vicki Spandel, Lois Bridges and Ruth Culham.

The traits consist of;

Ideas - Developing a single topic to convey a clear message.

Organisation - Reveal ideas in a logical order, including a beginning, middle and end.

Voice - Increase reader engagement with intentional writer feeling, attitude and emotion.

Word Choice - Using the right words in the right place to convey the right meaning.

Sentence Fluency - Improve the readability of a piece with complete thoughts and sentence variety.

Conventions - Following the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Presentation - Presenting writing in a neat and legible manner.