Information and Communications Technology

At Heathmont East Primary School the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enables students to utilise current technology as a tool for learning.  ICT promotes educational excellence and enhances the student learning environment.

We aim to enable all students, F-6, to learn essential ICT skills and to develop confidence and competence in the use of information technology. We strive to provide another dimension to the development of communication and research skills. We endeavor to enhance all learning programs through the use of ICT.

Currently, some of our ICT resources include:

  • Technologies such as interactive whiteboards and TVs provided in classrooms
  • 1:1 BYO iPad program operative in Grades 5 and 6 that prepares students for 21st Century education and enhances student learning using technology
  • Site licences for various computer programs
  • Networked classroom computers and an ICT Lab with a bank of networked computers 
  • Digital cameras in each classroom
  • Video cameras
  • Video conferencing facilities