At Heathmont East Primary School we believe mathematics, problem solving and logical thought are integral parts of our daily lives. We provide a Maths program that includes the study of number, measurement, chance and data, space, structure and working mathematically.

We aim to develop an enjoyment of mathematics through meaningful, realistic, stimulating and challenging activities which can be applied to real life situations. We strive to create a supportive, encouraging and challenging learning environment for all students to reach their potential.

At Heathmont East Primary School, we value and focus in ensuring that every mathematical learner has the ability to develop their understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills. These important mathematical proficiencies are incorporated in the Australian Curriculum and collaborative planning meetings.

Understanding - Students build a robust knowledge of mathematical concepts. Making connections between concepts and applying their understanding to develop new ideas.

Fluency - Students develop skills in choosing appropriate procedures, accurately and efficiently recalling factual knowledge and concepts readily.

Problem-Solving - Students develop the ability to makes choices, interpret, formulate, model and investigate problems.

Reasoning - Students develop an increasing sophisticated capacity for logical thought and actions, such as analysing, evaluating, explaining, inferring and justifying.