At Heathmont East Primary School music and performance are given high priority at all times. During Music lessons, students are encouraged to express their creativity through a range of musical activities involving movement, singing and playing percussion instruments including performing and singing together as a group. The music program borrows from many music philosophies including Kodaly and Orff, and allows students to build their musical knowledge while also gaining skills that can be applied in their day to day learning.

At HEPS we offer a highly regarded instrumental program, providing tuition in keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, brass and drums. Students attend weekly lessons during the school day and are able to perform at various occasions, including assemblies, education week, carnival and local kindergartens and schools. Our school band also provides an opportunity for our instrumental students to put their skills into practice.

Our school choir includes students from Levels 2-6. Weekly rehearsals aim to develop their vocal and performance skills to a high level and operate on the belief that everybody is able to sing, given the right training and opportunity. At HEPS, all student contributions to performing arts are valued and celebrated, and children are encouraged to participate with confidence at all times.