Our Vision

Heathmont East Primary School epitomises the AusVELS (Australian Victorian Essentials Learning Standards) that proposes that students need to develop a set of knowledge, skills and behaviours which will prepare them for success in a world which is complex, rapidly changing, rich in information and communications technology, demanding high order knowledge and understanding and increasingly global in its outlook and influences.

To succeed in that world, all students need to develop the capacities to:
- Manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others
- Understand the world in which they live, and
- Act effectively in that world.

School Values

As a school community, we have created a set of values which reflect our philosophy and community at HEPS. Each term we focus on a different value where students engage in lessons to develop a deeper understanding and methods in which to espouse the value. At our weekly assembly, the value is discussed and one child is selected as ‘Star of the Week’ for displaying the particular value in focus.

Term 1: Respect and Confidence

Term 2: Teamwork

Term 3: Responsibility

Term 4: Acceptance