Student Leadership

Meet the 2018 School Captains


Hi, my name is Tristan. I am School Captain for 2018. I’ve been at HEPS since Foundation and made many friends. Some of my hobbies include: cricket, highland dancing and card games. At HEPS I have participated in Clean Up Cockatoos, bike it, bike ed and Victorian State School Spectacular. I am very proud to be school captain and will try to fulfill my role to the best of my ability.


Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m one of the 2018 HEPS School Captains. I love playing sports like netball and basketball, and spending time with friends and family. My job as a School Captain includes: planning fun Friday morning assemblies, raising the Australian Flag every morning, being a good role model to my peers and assisting the staff and students at HEPS. I love my job as School Captain!


Hi, I am Ashley and I am 12 years of age. What I love about having a leadership role is that I can work with different people, help everyone and have them know I am someone they can talk to. I love HEPS because everyone is so friendly and nice to their peers. Our motto is ‘Aim High’ because we can ‘Aim High’ in everything we do. MY hobbies include baseball, mucking around with friends and being funny.


Hi! It’s Jaime! I’m the Vice School Captain for 2018! I’m so excited to be in a leadership role for my last year at our brilliant school. I have been at HEPS since Foundation. I have loved all my teachers as they were all amazing. I love netball, play the violin and saxophone and I love everything to do with GlowCumbers! GlowCumbers are a mix of cucumbers and glow worms. I have been obsessed with them every since I went to New Zealand. I hope to see you at school!