Student Leadership

Meet the 2017 School Captains


Hi, my name is Olivia and I'm one of the School Captains here at Heathmont East Primary School. My job is to be a positive representative of the school and assist Miss Allard, Mr Blythman and Mrs Pillot with tasks around the school. I like being School Captain because it allows me to model good behaviour for other students to follow.


Hi! My name is Noah and I’m one of the HEPS School Captains for 2017. I like playing tennis and having fun with my friends. My role as a School Captain includes: running school assemblies, putting up the Australian flag every morning and helping the teachers whenever I can. I love working with the other school captains to create entertaining assemblies for the school. And last of all, I love being the School Captain for the best school ever!


Hi my name is Oskar. As Blue House Captain there are a lot of responsibilities like running assembly every 5 weeks and being a role model to my peers. I find it fun to plan assemblies. I love sport like cricket, football and basketball and having fun with my friends.


Hi my name is Siena and I am a School Vice Captain. I enjoy being a School Vice Captain because I get to plan fun assemblies with the other captains. I get to be a role model to younger students who might look up to me. I can be a helping hand to younger students as well. I really enjoy being a School Vice Captain and would happily do it again in High School.